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As with other pieces from our Floating Tray Series, these trays come with a meticulously crafted bevelled edge that creates an 'elevated' effect. What sets Floating Luxury Trays apart? Its sharper bevelled angle, meticulously designed to slim down the profile of the stone edges, creating an illusion of weightlessness. This unique feature not only adds a touch of modernity to your setting but also enhances the visual floating effect, making your decor feel both luxurious and refined. Elevate your home with this exceptional piece that marries functionality with an aesthetic that's simply unparalleled!


  • Material: Natural Stone

    Shape: Rectangular

    Edge: Sharp Negative Bevel (Inward Sloping Edge)

    Features: Waterproof; Sealed to Protect against Liquid Penetration; Anti-Skid Pads on bottom to Protect against slipping or scratching furniture or counter

    Applications: Serving Tray; Jewellery Tray; Decorative Displays


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